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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  February 7, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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. >> reporter: this residential street in newark is closed off. there are reports that an officer was shot at scene. an investigation is underway. oakland city hall, the hacker attack involving private information of public officials. the long-awaited court ruling on gay marriage now just three hours away. and wet, windy weather is causing problems for commuters and pg&e crews. i'll explain as "mornings on 2" starts now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, february 7th. we are following breaking news in newark. that's where a police officer was shot just about one hour ago. ktvu's allie rasmus is on the
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scene. so allie, what have you been able to find out? >> reporter: well, this is the intersection near betancourt and mayhughes landing. most of this block is completely closed off to traffic. there's tape and law enforcement in the distance. we've seen them with residents presumably getting more information about what exactly happened. when i talked to a dispatcher, she said information came in about a law enforcement officer. what we don't know is if that officer is with newark police or some other agency. an investigation is underway. there are a lot of units out here. it looks like out off distance -- off in the distance, there
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are staging tents. beef told that officer douglas will provide a statement in the next ten minutes. we have calls in to him. we're waiting to get information. we do know that at 5:50 this morning, a call came in about an officer being shot. we don't know if the officer is from newark police. back to you. >> thank you. we'll check back for an update. we're on storm watch. we have live team coverage. sal and steve are following the wet weather. but first let's go to paul chambers. paul? >> reporter: good morning, tori. the rain has been on and off. right now it's on. pretty steady for the most part. the people are out here on the streets an roadways. there have been slick weather-
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related accidents this morning because of the wet, slick roadways. >> i probably could have been driving slower. but being it wasn't my car, i wasn't really used to driving it of so that's probably what happened. >> reporter: what happened, just before 3:00, he was taking the onramp to highway 24 eastbound when he said his car hydroplaned. he spun out of control before going airborne. >> felt the front end get a little bit loose, the back end behind me. i tried to correct it. before i knew it, i hit the curb and i'm getting clipped. >> reporter: this happened at mckee and claremont. the trees are blocking the street and that's causing issues for pg&e crews for having a tough time getting to the power line because the downed power line is by the -- is also causing issues. that down power line affected about 10 customers. however, the weather may have
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played a role in another 900 who are without power. make sure you give yourself ample time leaving. the speed won't cut it today. the roads are slick. there's also a high water warning for the bridges. make sure. give yourself time. it's not worth it to get in an accident. we all know that. live in walnut creek, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, paul. we'll have live storm coverage throughout the morning. our full traffic reports are coming up in a few mips -- minutes. you can go to our website. click on "stormtracker." we have news from oakland where oakland officials are the latest victims of "anonymous." information was on their website and it contained the
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addresses of the mayor, city councilmembers and other members. they said they did it because of the recent treatment of occupy protesters. the ruling on prop 8 is now just three hours away. supporters and opponents are anxiously awaiting this morning's big decision. tara moriarty is outside of the federal courthouse in san francisco and -- and is live. >> reporter: at 10:00, we should know the ruling. regardless of the outcome, either side can appeal. this is a case that could land in the superior court. we talked to two people who are
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supporters. the couple that's become the face of same-sex marriage for the past few years said they will be devastating if this case falls through but they are also pretty confident it will play out in their favor. >> it feels like this is hanging on a -- hanging on by a thread. we're anxious to see us move on to the next part for complete closure. >> reporter: now, the court will rule on the conflict of interest by the then presiding judge, judge walker, who later revealed he had been in a same- sex marriage relationship for years. some say he should have stepped aside. others say he took an oath and that would have supe -- have super-- supercededed anything else. back to you.
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>> thank you. stay right here and we'll bring you the ruling when it comes down. speaking of down, we're also following downed power lines. we check in with sal for an update on the situation there and the rest of the commute. >> we do have a crew there watching the crews cleaning up a power line and trees are down in the eastern part of san jose. now, i do realize if you are watching this, maybe you have a friend in this area. if you can call them let them know. if they don't have power, they don't have television. they could. they may have a generator. if you are worried they don't have an alarm, give them a call. they have to remove the tree before they start to work on the lines. pg&e is on the scene workingp on problem -- working on the problem. westbound, that traffic is
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backed up to the macarthur maze. the metering lights are on. that bridge is actually doing well. the traffic on the bridge but the toll plaza backup is somewhat severe. if you are driving on the peninsula, highway 101 looks pretty good. let's go to steve. a very good morning. that rain sounded nice on the roof. it's not something we've heard. today is it. the good news, it made it. the bad news, it's really starting to split and fall apart and the low is heading to southern california. still, we're dealing with some rain here. about .25 to .75 will cover it.
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to the north there's okay amounts stretching up towards napa county. you can see on our cloud and rain forecast, not bad. there's some holding on a little bit. by 1:00, there's noes much. just some scattered stuff. it's raining up at mt. shasta. this is a warm system, except for nothing. we'll go back to being dry. it looks like the rest of the week does not bode well for rain. rain and win fon your morning. cloudy, rain, off aned on, lighter by noon. this system for the morning commute, light amounts, to no rain at all. i think .5 to .75.
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this system came up to the southwest. that doesn't bode well for the sierra nevada. they will probably get some wind up there. there's been a couple of light amounts of snow. there's one part of the system. we're in between. it sucks it right out. also, very strong southeast wind. it's called downsloping. that's what's happening down towards san jose. very mild temperatures, upper 50s, low 60s on some of these temperatures. mostly cloudy, off-and-on on light rain. -- off-and-on light rain. tori? dave? >> thank you, steve. how many presidential candidates will be on the state primary in june? five? ten? not even close. we'll have the numbers so far and which party has the most candidates. and the shocking results just uncovered by the autopsies
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in the murder-suicide of a father and his two sons near seattle. and the reason why two high school students are getting a special invisittation from the -- invitation from the white house today. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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. well, good morning. some rain moving through. our system, though, does show that it arrived. that's the good news. the bad news, it's starting to split. so we went get as much as we originally hoped. you can see how there's splitting taking place. north bay getting a little bit but there's even breaks in the clouds there. although the -- i will go to the latest image. it's not much. the east bay, mt. diablo, parts of contra costa county, so lawn know team soto be getting the -- solano county seem to be getting the most. look at this. the system is splitting. the same can be said for the
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peninsula. but still, very windy. some off-and-on rain. >> there is a tree down near claremont and mckee. this residential street, a tree came down, also some power lines came down. so some people in this neighborhood may be without power. if you have a friend in the neighborhood, you want to call them to make sure they are up. pg&e does not tell us when they expect power to be on. it's a small number of customers. just be careful as you drive out there today, you may see problems like this popping up because of the wind and the rain. back to the desk. >> all right, sal. >> turning details about a seattle-area man who authorities say deliberately blew up himself killing himself and his two sons. investigators found cans of gasoline and a hatchet inside josh powell's house. the medical examiner said smoke inhalation is the main cause
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for the death. they also said that the sons had hatchet marks in it. josh powell was the prime suspect in the disappearance of his wife in 2009. it's the biggest single day of nominating contests in the republican race for the white house so far. as alison burns reports, rick santorum is poised to pick up some new momentum. allison? >> reporter: that's light. a few -- that's right. a few polls show the senator is seeing a surge in popularity. even though he just came in last in nevada, public policy polling puts him ahead in two of the states holding contests today. minnesota and missouri. mitt romney is leave -- is leading in colorado but santorum is seizing on another poll out yesterday that shows mitt romney trailing president obama in a head-to-head matchup. >> governor romney is absolutely incapable of making the case against obama care
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successfully. and therefore, greatly damages our ability to be able to win this election. >> reporter: here's some brand had you -- brand-new video of newt gingrich. he's focusing on ohio today and says he can win it by a huge margin. ron paul is moping for afternoon autopsy that dash hoping for an upset -- ron paul is hoping for an upset as well. we're getting an idea of what the ballot here in california will look like when we have our presidential primary on june 5th. the california secretary of state says so far, there are 24 candidates. additional can still be placed on the ballot.
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roseann barr is registered as a green party candidate. 7:16. well, two bay area takers will be at the -- teenagers will be at the white house today as president obama hosts the second annual science fair. 17-year-old angela zhang is a high school student from cupertino. she won the grand prize sponsored by the semen foundation back in september. there she is. she was invited to the white house for her science project to fight cancer. and another student, eric, will help his school's robotics team. last time, the team was called the cheesy poofs. it also programmed many satellites flying in the international space station. 7:17. san francisco voters could get
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a say in how coit tower will be used in the future. the protect coit tower committee wants to limit the number of activities and private events held at the landmark. the group wants money from concession operations to be used to maintain the murals and building. the committee turned in positions with more than -- petitions about more than 16,000 signatures. more than 9700 need to be registered for the ballot. and supporters for increasing state income taxes pie 3% for people earning $1 million and $2 million a year. people seeing more than $2 million a year would see a 5% increase in the measure is approved. 7:18. well, occupy protesters are promising more demonstrations on the streets of oakland.
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the latest demonstration happened yesterday outside of city hall. however, a group of counter demonstrators also showed up. "stand up for oakland" denounced the occupy movement and says it has cost the city in -- cost the city $5 million in lost services and that lead to -- led to verbal arguments. >> if you are not going to -- they should show respect to others as they want it. >> i ask them to turn off their tvs and and protest. the -- and protest. after the dueling demonstrations, they marched to the courthouse. once they got there, the
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protesters found out the hearing was postponed until next month. 7:19. it is a wet and windy morning. up next, steve paulson will tell us why the storm is getting weaker and how long the rain will last. also, the move some yarr schools are making to emulate something that's being done at the white house.
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the obama administration and the usda unveiled new guidelines for school lunches. they hope to cut out processed food. we have rain problems, road
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problems and sal, you are following -- you've got sid working with you. you have a lot of things to follow. >> that's right. we have a tree that came down in an east san jose neighborhood. the power lines are also down in this area. this is near mckee and claremont. mckee is the big road and claremont is a smaller city street. if you are driving around, be acare of these things -- be aware of these things. the winds are up there and things like this could happen. let's go to the westbound bay bridge. there was an earlier crash on the span in the 6:00 hour. they cleared it out quickly. but the damage is done, the traffic is backed up at the toll plaza. it's also slow on 580 and on 80 approaching the macarthur maze even before you get to the toll plaza. this morning's commute has been slow in san jose as we push it a little bit here. the traffic on 101 is going to be a little bit busy as you drive up to 880. but again, every commute is
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slightly slower because of the wet weather. speaking of weather, let's go to steve. on of our -- one of our very good twitters just reported wees down on -- wees down on -- trees down on highway 9. they have gusts up there. so i'm not surprised. this system is falling apart rap i lid because it's splitting. that -- rapidly because it's splitting. now, the system going -- in the north bay there's some breaks in there as well. very light rain. when you see light rain, that's not much. the east bay seems to be the leader of the pack. just heard from william in vallejo. he said .38. the line that was moving north. still some in the santa cruz mountains out towards morgan hill and gilroy. look at that. the doughnut hole is losing a lot of its oomph. the same can be said on the peninsula. when you see that, that just
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tells you it's losing a lot of its energy. you come back out. you can see it's breaking parts out to the west and also moving north with dry air in between. that's what it's steeling -- dealing with and the -- the wind is really strong. we've seen gusts around 50, 60 miles an hour. our cloud and rain forecast does not have much here. by 1:00, i think we'll be about done. there could be light showers. the big issue, will there be night and morning fog. that will be the only thing we have to deal with. overall, this is it. maybe for the next 7 or 10 days as the pattern goes dry. we'll continue our live team coverage on this weather situation we have team coverage all offer the bay area. we're following breaking news as we hold -- as we told you. a police officer in the east bay has been shot. we do have a new ktvu crew on the scene with ula of the details. also overnight news from
7:26 am
the east bay, fast-moving flames at a fast food restaurant.
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good morning. we're getting rain. it's starting to fall apart. we have plenty of ginned wufs,
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25 -- wind gusts. 25, 30 miles an hour. highs today, upper 50s, low 60s. steve, this morning we have some traffic problems caused by the wet weather. that could be san francisco, northbound 101, not only is it wet but it's also really windy in san francisco. this will also affect you if you are driving across the bay bridge. the traffic is gonna be slow on the bay bridge coming into san francisco as well. let's go back to the desk. it is 7:28. we're continuing to follow breaking news in newark. that's where a law enforcement officer has been shot this morning. allie rasmus joins us live from the scene. you got an update from police within the past 30 minutes what. did they tell you? >> reporter: that's right. i spoke with commander bob douglas with newark police. he tells us the person who shot here was a federal agent who happens to live here in newark. it's not a newark police officer but a federal agency. he didn't know what agency that
7:30 am
agent is from. it happened behind us. newark police is investigating this because, of course, it happened in their jurisdiction, the town was right near betancourt street and mayhughes landing. a short time ago, we saw officers escorting a lot of people we believe were in the home. two police vehicles, presumably, to interview them about what may have happened. >> we don't know the condition of the agent shot. all police are saying that agent was taken to a trauma center at a local hospital. this all happened at 5:50 this morning. one neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous told us what she heard this morning. >> someone said, get down on the ground and then after that, they heard multiple gunshots. >> how many gunshots? >> about 12 magazines but i'm not sure. i know it's mummable gunshots -- multiple gunshots. >> reporter: the neighbor said after those gunshots she looked
7:31 am
out the window and saw a man in a white hooddy livermoreping away from the -- white hooddy limping away from the hole. police have no suspects. the streets are blocked off to traffic. this is a residential neighborhood. there are a lot of neighbors out here. a federal ajen who lives tab dash agent who living -- a federal agent who lives in newark was shot this morning. back to you. an early-morning fire at a taco bell restaurant in union city is under investigation. the firefighters got the call around:45 this morning, they responded to the restaurant on alvarado niles road. you are looking at video you will only see on channel 2. no one was in the building at the time. no one was hurt.
7:32 am
firefighters say they had to break down the restaurant's back door to get inside. and the thick, heavy smoke made it hard to see. >> the challenge is normal fast- food restaurant, everybody knows the layout. once you if in there, you have zero visibility, the hoses are getting caught and tangled, caught on the tables. >> it took p 20 minutes to -- about 20 minutes to put the flames out. the chief says it appears the fire started in an attic above the kitchen. it does not appear to be a suspicious fire. san francisco police are investigating a fatal shooting at a homeless shelter. it happened last night inside the multiservice center south on 5th street. investigators say a 44-year-old man was stabbed in the chest and died a shoerm time later. police say the attacker fled the scene and is still on the loose. it's not clear what led up to
7:33 am
the killing. the shelter feeds hundreds of homeless men and women every night. the city of berkeley is on high alert after 20 home peculiarries in just three weeks. police -- burglaries in just three weeks. police say the most recent happened when a homeowner came across a stranger in their home. last night an emergency meeting was called to address the situation and discuss possible solutions to keep the neighborhood said. >> ten years ago we had a lot more officers. but because of the budget we haven't filled the positions. it's critical we fill the positions. >> police say keep an lookout and call police if anything looks suspicious. later on, mayor quan and howard jordan are expected to talk about the spike in street
7:34 am
violence. reportedly, there have been ten shootings in oakland. at least seven were reported on sunday alone. a police spokesperson says police patrols have been increased and problem-solving officers are out there meeting with community members. police in hayward are investigating the body of a man found on gadding road. police say it was found about 123:15 sunday -- 12:15 on sunday moving. the mawmed county coroner is trying to determine the cause -- the alameda county coroner is trying to determine the cause of death. if you have any information, call the police. the city council will discuss proposals to partner with a service provider to reduce the amount of junk mail, catalogs and phone books received by richmond businesses and reses. confusion for some vallejo residents in the hour after that mare island warehouse
7:35 am
fire. the four-alarm fire broke out sunday in an abandoned warehouse. firefighters sent out an alert around 9:45 a.m. warning people to stay indoors because of the thick smoke. the alert was lifted at 4:00 a.m. but the times herald reports the reverse 911 system malfunctioned and some people weren't called for fours until after the alert was lifted. a water main pipe that belongs to east bay m.u.d. is in the middle of a dispute in la fayette. the pipe runs in between unincorporated contra costa county between la fayette and pleasant hill, now a homeowner says that pipe is leaking and causing his entire home to shift. east bay m.u.d. seas that's not the case. east bay m.u.d. says instead, the recent rain for a natural spring may be causing that house to shift. layer on today, business owners will meet again.
7:36 am
this time they will be joined by city leaders the police. this is part of an effort to keep the city safe. coming up in about 10 minutes we'll tell you about the officers already underway and what some city visitors are saying about this problem. we want to check in with sal who has some breaking news for us. a fire in san leandro. that's right. news 2 has just arrived on marcella. you can see the -- this apartment is very close to an elementary school. it went to two alarms before firefighters were able to knock it down. we're assuming that the fire has opinion knocked down. plenty of fire response and medics. in san leandro near the corner of marcel ta and 12-9dth.
7:37 am
there's the school that may be -- 12th there's the school -- marcel ta and 12th. there's the school that may be affected. this apt house fire was reported about an hour and a half okay. we'll try to find out more. there's no word on injury here. let's move along. there was a earlier crash on the span. traffic has been backed up beer since for 20, 25 minutes. and in san jose, as we look at our maps here. traffic is slow at 17. there is a traffic there. 85 is slow on the way to sara toe fau -- to saratoga. northbound 80 there is an
7:38 am
accident approaching tennessee. 7:37. let's go to steve. >> thank you kindly, sal. how about that? some rain made it. although there's not much left. i will have the totals for you in a second. it came a little bit under. almost like a wish forecast, we won't get much out of this system but up fortunately, the strong northeast wind and the system is taking a lot of the energy in the system. a lot of the areas. there is a lot of -- there is a lot of break, in the clouds. it's windy. so everybody is in on that as the rain line cos to move north. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy today. sebastopol, oub observer, picked up .50. blossom hill, tom, he picked up .48. that's a big difference. i tend to believe tom here.
7:39 am
mill valley .03. san francisco picked up almost .30. so there's some rain and win independent, tash rain and wind out there. a lot of cloud cover but rain will be starting to would -- tarting to wind down in the next few hours. looked goo looked good. when you take some look toward's lass cau and then pack, it just takes the energy out. we still have some morning rain. the wind is all over the place. anywhere from about 25 to 50 plus miles an hour. 50s to low 60s 0l. it's a mild system it will be tapering off tonight. if there's any fog it will be tomorrow into friday. after that it looks like partly sunny/partly cloudy. but dry for a while.
7:40 am
>> thank you, steve. 7:39. we have some developing news. we're just learning an executive were the susan g. komen foundation breast cancer charity has resigned. karen handle announced her resignation as vice president for public policy in a letter to doe men -- komen officials. komen said she had supported cutting off funding for planned parenthood. we campaigned strongly against portion -- she campaigned stronggy against abortion. the knighting school district is the the smallest -- knights school district is the smallest. a woman who serves food in the cafeteria is also a school bus driver and works in the
7:41 am
district's after-school program. the employees say they enjoy the close-knit feeling of a small district. an important warning for stanford districts. the advice being given for two weeks on campus. partly cloudy partly cloudy partly cloudy
7:42 am
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7:44 am
. the number of available jobs in december jumped to a near three-year high. as you can see, stocks are down this morning. a live look at the big board shows the dow is down 11. the nasdaq is down 9. the s&p is down 4. a big reason for that, more concerns about
7:45 am
greece. greeks opposed to new cuts are back on the streets. this is video of greek fighting with the police and burning the german flag. germany is calling for cuts before they will offer greece a new bailout. greece could go into default if it does not make the payment next month. a new study says job seekers looking for a career that is likely to be around for a while despite the economy should look into apps. the technology trade group tech- net says there are 311,000 jobs at companies making apps. and there are another 155,000 at local merchants who have expanded their payrolls because of traffic from apps. researchers add the app economy is likely to show growth for a long time. some signs of progress in negotiations for a nationwide
7:46 am
settlement on foreclosure abuse. the negotiators worked late into the night, encouraging more states to join the settlement. the two biggest holdouts have been california and new york. they didn't want to give up future claims against the five biggest lenders. if approved, wells fargo, bank of america, allie, city group and jp chase would reduce the loans to about a million borrowers. the senate has passed a bill to pay for the faa. this legislation now goes to president obama's desk for his signature. since 2007, there have been 23 stop-gap measures used to fund the faa. the measure calls for almost $16 million to implement a major modernization of the national air system. supporters say the bill will also create thousands of jobs.
7:47 am
city leaders taking an -- city leaders taking an week. pam cook has the story from our newsroom. this involves leaders. >> yes, it does. oakland city leaders are now the latest victims of "anonymous." this morning, a link was posted on the hackerrer -- hacker group's website and it contained home addresses, home numbers mayors, city council members. >> now a message says this is in response to the recent treatment of occupy protesters. the group says it's "disgust and shocked by the behavior of city leaders." what it does not say is what this hopes to accomplish by releasing this information. now, what's interesting is one person, rebecca kaplin is on the loose but her personal information is not included.
7:48 am
the message by her name reads," thank you for your support and being a true leader in the community." we're trying to reach mayor quan's office for a comment on the story. and hopefully we can bring you an update in the next hour. back to you. >> thank you, pam. ross mirkarimi has named his top aides and one is a lival. ellen brin has. named under sheriff. she joined the department in '86 and would presumably be in charge if the mayor steps aside on -- if mirkarimi steps aside in domestic violence charges. the charges against him have prompted a domestic violence voekscy group to put up a billboard to draw attention to the hospital. the group wants to raise $4,000 to put up a billboard with the words "domestic violence is never a private matter."
7:49 am
a private matter is how he and his wife refer to the case when he was sworn in as sheriff. his case is set to go to trial later this month. a walnut creek is trying to save it's ability -- its ability to serve late-night drinks. tonight, the owners of lift lounge bar and grill will make an appeal to the city council. the council wants to remove the serving hours. move their hours back from 12:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. because of what they are calling several violations. others say walnut creek businesses should focus on better management. people need to control their drinking but if business is to that help out where restaurants where they see somebody -- is gonna help out where restaurants -- like at restaurants where any see
7:50 am
somebody drinking too much, they can say that's enough. you need to take it up somewhere else. >> they said they were gonna post zero-tolerance signs in their restaurants. well, the entire staff will temporarily be replaced at a los angeles school. that's where two teachers are accused of abusing students. angry parents held a rally last night at miramonte elementary school. two peachers were arrested last week on suspicion of lewd acts fence students. the school superintendent says the staff is being relow kayed or replaced while a full -- relocated or preplaced -- replaced. police arrested 37 qld weekend paul adame on suspicion of committing a lewd act with a child. he worked at jermaine
7:51 am
elementary school in chatsworth. a mother told police the jan ter had inappropriate -- jan etr -- janitor with her daughter. a woman was tackled on the campus and 15 minutes later, police say a man walked into an unlocked dorm room and climbed into a sleeping woman's bed. she woke up and got away. but students say it's a reminder to be vigilant. >> it's sort of a remainer because people will forget it and start slacking off and -- >> police are investigating to see whether the two attacks are related. they urge the tw to walk in pairs, carry a cell phone and
7:52 am
use well-lit travel routes. 7:51. we're still talking about the super bowl. yes, we are. >> an celebrating the super bowl victory. the parade is about to start, the parade is p to start for the super bowl champ giants. the jic action taken by a -- the quick action taken by a mother after a boy goes on the train tracks. [ male announcer ] technology accelerates at a relentless pace.
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anything not moving forward is moving backward. [ tires screech ] [ engine turns over, tires squeal ] introducing the 2013 gs. with the lexus enform app suite, the most connected information and communication technology available in an automobile. [ tires screeching ] the all-new 2013 lexus gs.
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there's no going back. scary moments in australia. a baby stroller with a baby inside rolls right there on train tracks. now, this actually happened late last year but the surveillance video was just released. a man appears to be doing something on his phone. look at him in the circle. walks right around the stroller as it rolls onto those train tracks. luckily a train was not coming and mom jumped down, grabbed her 5-month-old son. the baby suffered only burns
7:55 am
and bruises -- bumps and bruises. happening right now, the new york giants, the super bowl championships, will celebrate their tight well a ticker tape parade. we're taking you, tori, to new york. >> all right! >> your stomping ground as you know them. as many as a million people and the people out the windows. the workers have been busy putting the floats together and getting the confetti ready. the parades will be filed by a -- followed by a ceremony at city hall. we're live in new york city for the ticker-tape parade for the city. >> excited fans there. absolutely. they had an exciting game to
7:56 am
watch. it looks like it's nice weather. >> the weather didn't look bad. >> we'll check in with sal. >> right now we have some slow traffic around the bay because of the wet weather. it could have been a lot worse. the wet weather is moving through on highway 4 on bay point of as you can see, traffic is going to be a little bit slow here. it's a little bit slow in antioch and slow in concord. 680 nearby is also slow getting down to walnut creek. bay bridge toll plaza, that's backed up for about a 15, 20- minute delay. if you are driving on the span, we have more delayed traffic on that actual span getting into san francisco. there is a lot of slow traffic in the east bay on 880. this whole area has slowed traffic. northbound and southbound, a variety of fender-benders. there's also a crash northbound 880 at 238 and traffic will be slow in castro valley as well. this is one of those mornings, not a lot of heavy rain but a lot of heavy traffic. let's go to steve.
7:57 am
our system has a lot going against it. let's give it credit. we are seeing the system kind of split, fall apart. there are some breaks in the rain. but some of that rain is still building back and even picking back up. back again towards san jose. so we're not done yet. also the north bay, some of the rain totals not that much. oakland, san francisco, sfo, all around 2/10. blossom hill, our observer, tom, san jose, .4/10. santa rosa picked up .44. rain, wind, rain papering off to mostly cloudy -- tapering off to mostly cloudy this afternoon. the system is still hanging in there. for another couple of hours we'll have to deal with rain.
7:58 am
cool to mild. but very blustery conditions. 50s an 60 on the temperatures today. low to mid. after today, it looks like that's it. we'll have light and morning low fog but temperatures will be settling in the 60s with partly sunny skies. we're following developing news from the east bay. mu information about the -- new information about the federal agent who was shot just two hours ago in newark. >> reporter: this wet, windy weather is causing hangs for people all other the -- headaches for people all over the bay area. and the ruling on gay marriage is expected within the neck two hours. we'll tell you if the plaintiffs in this case think they will win, when "mornings on 2" continues. l(@@ (
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, welcome back to mornings on 2. i'm tori campbell. i'm dave clark. it is tuesday, february 7th. we're following developing news in newark, police say an off duty federal agent was shot at his own home at the intersection of bettencourt street, we don't
8:01 am
know the agent's name or condition. he was taken to a trauma center. a neighbor tells us as we look at news chopper two pictures she heard several gunshots, after that the neighbor says she saw a man in a white hoody limping away from the home. now, police in newark say they have no suspects yet in custody. we do have a ktvu news crew at the scene. we will bring you an update on everything coming up at 8:30. time is now 8:01 a.m.. we're still on storm watch for you this morning, we started raining overnight, still raining in parts of the bay area this morning. we have live team coverage for you. sal is here with traffic, steve is keeping tabs on all the rain with live storm tracker 2. first let's go live to paul chambers, you've been in walnut creek, is it still raining? >> reporter: it is, it's been heavier at times, but pretty steady and consistent. that's causing some problems on the roadways because they are wet
8:02 am
and they are slick. and that is causing some accidents. now, we take a look at the video this accident a happened just before 3:00 this morning, the driver was taken to on ramp to highway 24 eastbound, he was driving a little too fast he said when his car hydroplaned, he spun out of control before going airborne. >> as it was happening i couldn't believe it, it will really like it felt fake to me at first. after i was like okay i'm upside down, let me get up out of here before something else happens. really i was worried about the other cars coming and hitting me. >> the wet weather and wind is causing headaches in san jose where a tree fell, bringing down a power line with it. this happened at the intersection of clermont. crews are having trouble getting to the power line because of the rain. the power line affected about ten customers. right now there is a city crew out there, and also a tree removal crew. so hopefully pg and e can get in and work on
8:03 am
that. there were 900 other customers that were without power in san jose, that was more than likely because of the wind and weather 'causing it. when you head out to the roadways, give yourself ample time. don't wait until the last minute and speed because that could cause an accident, the roadways are slick. live in walnut creek, paul chambers. >> we will have live storm watch team coverage throughout the morning. our full traffic and weather reports are coming up in just a couple minutes. you can stay up to date with weather alerts and our live interactive radar on click on the storm tracker 2 tab right there at the top of your home page. it is 8:03. the long awaited court ruling on proposition 8 is now just two hours away from being released. supporters and opponents of california's ban on same-sex marriage are anxiously awaiting this morning's big court decision. kara joins us live with more at what is at stake.
8:04 am
>> reporter: we are standing outside the state superior courthouse, where the trial took place a year and a half ago. there is anticipation in the air as both sides await the outcome of this ruling. now, yesterday we were able to talk to the berkeley couple, one of two plaintiffs that challenged proposition 8, the voter approved initiative that banned same-sex marriage. a year and a half log, judge von walker struck down the ban saying it was unconstitutional. we asked the cup hole has become the face of same-sex marriage for the past two years, how they would react if proposition 8 was held up. >> i would be shocked and devastating we would keep fighting. we will not give up the fight until we have a victory no matter how long it takes. >> reporter: also, today the court will rule on the possible conflict of interest by the then presiding judge von walker who later revealed he had been in a same sex relationship for years. now, gay marriage opponents say he should have stepped aside, others say look he took an oath and that would have superseded
8:05 am
any personal bias. regardless of the outcome, either side can appeal and this is a case that could land in the u.s. supreme court. you could see wedding bells nationwide depending on the outcome of this trial and if it goes to the u.s. supreme court. we're going to of course monitor this story. we will try to get reaction, exactly when the decision comes down at 10:00. we will have much more for you on our news at noon. live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 morning news. and the proposition 8 decision is is due at 10:00 a.m.. stay with us for continuing coverage. we will bring you the ruling when it comes down at 10:00. our time is 8:05. san francisco's board of supervisors scheduled to vote today on whether to expand the plastic bag ban to all retailers and restaurants. right now only large grocery stores and pharmacies in the city are banned from handing out plastic bags. in addition this new proposal would require stores to charge customers 10 cents for
8:06 am
paper bags. 'em battled sheriff introduced the measure when he was still the city supervisor. an alameda county sheriff's deputy will go back to court in march after pleading not guilty to rape charges. the 27-year-old david retta made the plea yesterday. he is accused of raping a woman in september. he is now out of jail on bail. if the alameda county sheriff's office has him him on administrative leave. the city council will get an update on reforms on the drowning that outrage most of the nation. it happened in may at crown beach. emergency responders claim they could not rescue a suicidal man who drowned because they didn't have a the proper training or equipment. the city restored water rescue funding shortly after the death of raymond zack and dozens of alameda firefighters and police officers had extensive training.
8:07 am
on thursday golden gate bridge finance committee is set to vote on a public hearing of premium parking proposal. the plans calls for a $65 monthly fee for a number of designated spaces at the lark spur ferry terminal. the hearing would be march 22nd if approved. the san francisco board of supervisors will hold a hearing next week to figure out how to improve taxi cab service in the city. some critics say there are not enough cabs in san francisco and that includes supervisor scott weiner, besides adding more cabs he wants to create a centralized dispatch system to direct customers to nearby available taxis. you can never find a taxi when you want one. time now is 8:07. we can always find sal. the we had weather is keeping you busy. how are we doing? >> it's a busy morning, bill -- bill is our producer. you're dave.
8:08 am
>> of course i'm dave. >> our producer just made it on the air. good morning, everybody. let's look outside, the commute is slow here and still windy, so driving around the bay area is going to be slower than you normally see it, no question about it. you can see northbound 880 traffic is busy, passing high street getting up to downtown oakland. 580 also getting up to the same general area is backed up from at least high street heading west. good slow traffic getting to the bay bridge, which also by the way is crowded. the bay bridge is backed up for at least a 25 minute delay. if you're on the span, you can expect more slow traffic on the way to the city and also gusty wind. i want to show you the freeway, we have had this area under surveillance for a long time because of heavy traffic in both directions. across the bay, not quite so bad. 101 slow in san mateo and pockets of traffic into the silicon valley. 280 is a pretty good bet but wet and
8:09 am
windy. highway 92 especially slow on the way down the hill to 280. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a good morning, our system made it, thankfully this may be the only system for a while. while it did give us some rain, not as much as we had hoped, a wish forecast, it least it gave us some rain. clears the air, washes things out. it will be a cloudy day when the rain tapers off. there are some breaks in the system. by that i mean it's kind of losing it's energy of sorts. but it's holding together and i'll tell you that is a lot of credit for a tim in a dry year. i've seen systems like this fall apart and not do anything in a dry year. this system made it. it will not do much in the way of snow, it's too warm. you can see there are breaks in there, but starting to fill back in, our observer picked up .4 inches, it's a heavy misandries he will than heavy rain. there are pockets around as it drifts north. the rainfall not too bad. blossom hill .4, also crockett, mill valley a third, napa a third,
8:10 am
oakland, san francisco, sfo about .2, and i sawless are lesser amounts in union city, .1. so there was a little bit, we were hoping for more than that, but the mere fact it made t i'm happy with that. the morning commute in line for wet roads or some rain, light to moderate about a quarter to three quarters inch. everybody is in on that party. gusts about 50 miles per hour. 40s and 50s a mild air mass due to a southeast winds. look how far this system stretches, that is the low, things are thinning there, the second low is diving toward southern california, you take apart all its energy. we are losing a who of its oomph. morning rain, very windy, cloudy to mostly cloudy. cool tommied, low 60s, mid-60s to the southeast wind which will sucked moisture out of the system.
8:11 am
still off and on this morning. tomorrow morning fog, other than that mostly sunny, with the weekend always in view, it looks partly sunny to mostly sunny, the rain line moving north. thank you, steve. they play different sports today the san francisco 49ers and the san francisco giants will be competing against each other. jerry rice, dwight clark, brent jones and harris barton will take on will clark, dave fleming and others today on the golf course. the shoot out is ahead of this weekend's at&t national pro-am. the giants beat the 49ers last year. one of the big draws thursday is that man right there, tiger woods. he is making a rare appearance. this is the first time in ten years that he is playing in the at&t tournament. the organization that puts on the pro-am says the tiger factor has increased
8:12 am
sales more than 35%. he came in third a couple weeks ago. >> i'm glad he is back. time is 8:11. another big dane the race for the white house, three political contests in three very important states for the republican candidates. there is a connection to the deadly plane crash in california's central valley. the smartest kids in the whole world, two science kids from the bay area are spending the morning at the white house. ♪
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good morning, well our little system is moving through, holding together north bay still getting light rain, santa rosa, napa light rain. this is hanging out in danville, i can't say i blame it. san jose missioning on the party. there is a stretch between san jose and gilroy, santa cruz mountains a little rain. the peninsula, where is it only a tenth of an inch has fallen there. we will have morning rain and tapering in the afternoon. this system was producing a quarter to half inch. very windy though. steve right now i want to mention that the storm has taken down trees and power lines you can see in san jose. they are now finally getting to cut that tree down that came down on the street near mckee and clermont, this tree came down and they can't work on the lines until they get the trees down. the crews are here, the lines are still in need of repair. some people in this area may be without power. stay with ktvu
8:16 am
for complete storm watch coverage. let's go back to the desk. the presidential candidate rick santorum is looking for momentum as a trio of states hold nominating contests. alison burns is in washington, d.c. to explain why santorum could see another surge of support. alison? >> reporter: tori, it is the latest twist in the gop race for the white house, mitt romney finds himself trying to beat back rick santorum. this saw live look at romney's rally in loveland, colorado. the candidate sunning 20 minutes late. romney has a comfortable lead as republicans vote in colorado's caucuses today. but his support is dropping in two other states with nominating contests today, new polls out this morning show former pennsylvania senator rick santorum ahead in minnesota and missouri. the romney campaign is stepping up it's attacks against him and santorum says he is not surprised. >> here's a situation where
8:17 am
someone is doing well, rising in the polls, and lieutenant governor romney going out and talking about his plans and what he is going to do. he goes out and throws the kitchen sink, runs negative ads. >> no gop convention delegates will be awarded in today's contest. newt gingrich is looking to next month's super tuesday contests and campaigning in ohio, while ron paul campaigns today in colorado and minnesota. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. your time is 8:17. president obama's reelection campaign is giving back $200,000 in contributions collected by family members of a mexican casino owner who left the u.s. while he was facing drug and fraud charges. now, the obama campaign says it decided to return the donations from the brothers of the casino owner who skipped bail in iowa in 1994 and has since been connected to violence and corruption in mexico.
8:18 am
well, the first democratically elected president of the maldives has resigned after a revolt that that included the police force. opposition supporters were protesting outside army headquarters. some 200 police officers joined them. later they took over the state television. they want islam to play a bigger role in running that country. in a tv address, the president said he can no longer maintain security. the country's vice president is now in charge. happening right now, president obama is about to host the second white house science fair. these are live pictures from the white house where you can see the podium where the president will be coming up to shortly and in that audience two bay area teenagers. they are among the students invited to show their science exhibits to the president. 17-year-old angela chang is a senior at
8:19 am
montevista high school, winning a $100,000 grand prize in a math, science and technology competition in december. there she is with her big check. she was invited to the white house to show her exhibit on using nano technology to fight cancer. and 17-year-old eric vakenn from bellerman college will represent his school's robotics team at the white house science fair. the team won a worldwide robotics competition and it also programmed many sat lights flying in the international space station. our time is 8:19. walmart is kicking off a new campaign that it says will help you find the most nutritious foods. the world's largest retailer is adding these green and white labels that read great for you. many of their house brand foods, walmart says the new labels will go on foods that have lower levels of fat, sugar and artificial additives. it will also appear on signs near bins of fruits and vegetables.
8:20 am
federal health officials are turning thumb's down on a new pricing plan for medical. the state wanted co-payments on everything from hospital visits to prescription drugs and allow doctors to refuse care for nonpayment by low income patients. that would have saved california more than a half billion dollars last year. medical serves 8 million california residents. the state is promising it will appeal that decision. it is 8:20. we have new information on the bay area connection to a central valley plane crash over the weekend. a cessna 172 crashed just outside of fresno on sunday. the 52-year-old pilot died on impact. now police say the pilot had stolen the plane from concord's buchanan air field. the owner is actually a walnut creek insurance agent. felix boston tells a fresno television station he discovered his plane missing on saturday but didn't know what happened until the
8:21 am
faa called him on sunday following the crash. your time is 8:20. a super bowl snack tide to a very special delivery on a california freeway. the newborn baby who, well, likes life in the fast lane. a wet and wind eye morning, steve tells us when the stormy weather will end. good morning, you can see highway 24, traffic is slow, approaching lafayette bart station. we will tell you more about the traffic and weather straight ahead. you
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
just hours after the new york giants clenched super bowl cdlxi california man quarterbacked a fun time of his own, super bowl snacks and pecan pie have triggered a baby delivery. they were headed to the hospital when the baby couldn't wait. nicole told her husband to pull over. >> i'm on the phone with 911, nicole is screaming help, help, i'm right here. i'm the help. >> the couple credit the 911 dispatcher for talking them through the delivery. their son jeremiah was born safe and healthy in the front seat of his parents s u.s. >> jeremiah is beautiful. mom did great. have to give it to dad. sal is coming back, it is slow every place in our
8:25 am
commute. >> it is. it is slow, in the east and south pavement i think the east bay is where the slowest traffic is. interstate 880, people may be avoiding 580 because 880 is slow. it is slow from coliseum to high street. and it breaks up on the way to oakland. the bay bridge toll plaza has been slow from the beginning of the commute because of an earlier crash on the bridge. it didn't last too long, but it started the morning on a bad note. we have not recovered since. i want to show you 580, look at the crashes including one at 580 at keller and 580 at 13. one of them involves an ac transit bus, 238 is slow, 880 is slow in both directions. as we move down to heyward and union city you see slow traffic there because of earlier collisions and also the general wet conditions, people are driving more slowly. that's going to add time to your commute. 8:25, let's go to steve.
8:26 am
sal, thank you very much. our system continues to give us light rain. a quarter to a half inch, i was hoping we would get more than that, but the wind has been there. that's an angry sky. a few raindrops there. the system is running into tremendous resistance, i mean, it is losing energy. it is stretching itself thin, there are a lot of breaks in there. it will be cloudy to mostly cloudy day. the temperatures will be mild upper 50s, low 60s. you can see breaks be the rain but there are still some in there, to the east bay that's where most of the heaviest rain has been and up to santa rosa. not too bad there. a little stretch from oakland, 808, fremont, south bay is like okay, the peninsula where is the rain. morgan hill said light rain down there. the wind tailed off. but still overall north bay areas in the east bay seem to be getting the bulk of it. the peninsula and south bay are short changed on this system. we will continue to have this system give us mild temperatures, mid 50s,
8:27 am
incredibly warm because of a southeast wind. that took a lot of energy, a lot of rain out of this system. it is stretching it self out. before i forget, i've had my nose to the grind stone here, dave, all morning long. your rhea , california yesterday -- eureka had a record high of 70 degrees, never in their recordkeeping of 130 years have they been over 70 degrees on february 6th. that's impressive. wind gusting to 73 miles per hour on the grapevine. so top to bottom we have had interesting weather. 50s and 60s, a mild day with the rain, and the storm track goes north. unless you're toward the oregon border we will not see rain here the next five to seven days. time now is 8:27. overnight news from the east bay, fast moving flames, this one here at a fast food restaurant. the video you will only see on 2. a residential street in newark is shut down after a
8:28 am
federal agent is shot in his hope. we will have the latest on investigation. and news chopper 2 has been flying over the scene of a fire in san leandro. why this scene is causing concern. denny's new sizzlin' skillets are here for a limited time. so strike while the iron's hot. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open.
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good morning, some rain, although i just heard from kathy, it's like there is not much rain. santa cruz coast, santa rose cocoas, east bay and north bay has been getting rain. we will have a mostly cloudy day with off and on rain and temperatures in the upper 50s, low 60s. good morning, right now, traffic has been very tough in
8:31 am
many areas around the bay because of the wet weather. as a matter of fact, we're looking at wet weather here on 2:37. it looks like it has dried off a little bit that is good news because traffic has been getting better as the weather improves, but still very slow nearby on interstate 880. this morning we have had slow traffic on 880 north and southbound. let's go back to the dose snook we are following developing news in from newark. police still investigating a shooting this morning that injured a federal agent. ktvu's ali is there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. according to the next door neighbor this federal agent who was shot lives in this home that you see here behind all the newark police vehicles. you are looking at some of the police officers who are investigating what happened here. they saw -- we saw them go through and pick up a storm drain and look through the gutter here. at this point they are collecting
8:32 am
evidence. but this neighbor told us that the federal agent moved into this house about a couple years ago. he lives there with his wife and stepdaughter and based on a conversation this neighbor had with him a while ago, he believes this federal agent may work for homeland security. but again at this point newark police have not been able to tell us which agency this federal officer works for. newark police are investigating what happened because this happened in the federal agent's home, who happens to live here in newark. and earlier this morning we saw police escort some possible witnesses away from the scene. this all happened around 5:50 this morning. we talked to a neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous. she told us she heard someone yell get down followed by six or seven gunshots. and this is what she saw next: >> i saw someone walking towards me, running towards the railroad crossing. he was wearing a white hoody and baseball cap and he was limping. so i guess i'm thinking he got shot too.
8:33 am
>> reporter: now, newark police are not able to tell us yet what circumstances led up to the shooting, but the police officers said the federal agent's home was broken into some time in the past year. we don't know what led up to this shooting. we don't know the condition of the federal agent. police say right now they are still looking for the suspect. again, you heard that neighbor describe seeing someone fleeing from the scene and holding his leg and possibly involved in the shooting. we will continue to stay on this and provide you more information on ktvu channel 2 news at noon and later in the show. thank you. new this morning, an early morning fire at a taco bell restaurant in union city is under investigation. firefighters got the call around 3:45 this morning and responded to the restaurant on niles road. you will only see this video on 2. no one was in the building at the time and no one was hurt.
8:34 am
firefighters say they had to break down the restaurant's back door to get inside and that thick smoke made it hard to see. >> the rear of the structure in a storage area is heavy damage. it will need to be rebuilt. the front of the structure is just smoke damage at this time. >> it took about 20 minutes to put out the fire. the chief says the fire possibly started in an attic above the kitchen and it does not appear suspicious. the online hackers' group anonymous has struck again, this time the target is oakland. city officials whose personal information has been posted online. coming up in ten minutes pam cook will be live with more on the cyber attack and the one person who avoided beg target. our time is 8:34. firefighters are at the scene of an apartment fire in san leandro, the flames broke out at this complex after 7:00 this morning at 159th and marcella,
8:35 am
at interstate 580. the flames were out in 20 minutes. no word on damage, but video from news chopper two shows at least one person, right there, being transported by ambulance. time is 8:34. san francisco police investigating a fatal stabbing at a homeless shelter. it happened last night inside the multi-service center south on fifth street. investigators say a 44-year-old man was stabbed in the chest. he died a short time later. misstate attacker fled the scene and is still on the loose this morning. it is not clear what led up to the killing. the saint vincent de paul society run this is shelter. it feeds hundreds of homeless men and women every night. the city of berkeley wants to hire more police officers after 20 home burglaring were reported in just three weeks. now, on sunday one berkeley homeowner came home to find a stranger in the house stealing various items. now, police say that's the most recent burglary
8:36 am
attempt and it probably will not be the last. at this emergency meeting last night, police asked residents, keep an eye on their neighborhoods. >> if you see somebody knocking on the door who you don't recognize, keep watching them and if they go down the side of the house, immediately call 911, most of these are occurring from some other point of entry other than the front door. >> now, police say most of the robberies are happening during the daytime. none of the crimes so far have been violent. they say several suspects are probably responsible. it is 8:36. later today oakland mayor gene quan and howard jordan are expected to talk about the spike of street violence in that city. reportedly there have been ten shootings in oakland since last thursday, at least seven were reported on sunday alone. a police spokeswoman tells ktvu the patrols have been increased and problem solving officers are meeting with community members.
8:37 am
in heyward an investigation is underway after a man's body was found on gaiting road. police say the discovery was made around 12:15 a.m. sunday. the alameda county coroner is trying to determine a cause of death. anyone with information is asked to call heyward police. our time is 8:36. two bay area women who were kidnapped and detained in egypt for a short time are coming back to the united states today. tribesmen kidnapped the two women last week on the sinai peninsula. one woman is from union city and the other is from los gatos, the tribesmen released the women unharmed after negotiations. the tribesmen kidnapped the women to demand the release of jailed family members. let's check in with sal and see how the commute is, hopefully winding down with the rainy wet weather and the wind. >> the wind has been
8:38 am
responsible for bringing some trees down in area. we had the tree down in san jose on mckee near clermont and it has caused a power outage. this tree, just a branch basically came off and came into the street. the tree crews are there, finally have it cleared. and this will make room for the utility crews to fix the wires in the area. some people have been without power for quite a long time now, a couple hours at least. but the traffic has not really been affected too much in this area. let's go to live pictures now. i want to show you westbound bay bridge is backed up for 20 to 25 minute wait. it has been that way because of an earlier crash in the 6:00 hour. chp moved off the bridge rather quickly. there are no problems be the lower deck. you will be waiting for a long time trying to get on to this commute. the morning drive in heyward and union city has been terrible. a couple accidents, another couple accidents, brand new ones. there are no major problems, but that yeah is really bad. the south bay area, worst freeway
8:39 am
is 101 near the 880 interchange. thank you, a very good morning, how about that, we get to talk about rain, even though it is not as much rain as we had hoped. it made it. it is producing rain. now so far, the trend has been north bay, east bay is taking you a the rain. there has not been much on the peninsula, also along the san mateo and san jose coastline and south of that a little more toward santa cruz and morgan hill and gilroy. a half inch of rain really is the most i have seen so far. the wind gusts that's not favoring anybody. that's for all, 50 to 58 on the lows. by noon 50 to 60. cloudy, breezy, the rain will be tapering off but it will still be with us during the morning hours. by this afternoon mostly cloudy, upper 50s to low and mid-60s a. a line here, rain rates is .07 from our
8:40 am
watcher,valeo, and in crockett .4, and napa and and a little over oakland. now, south not much. peninsula again, south bay not as much. i focused on the most rain. that's .52 that's john. san jose is our observer tom he is out near actually the san jose border, .4, officially san jose is .08. that's a big difference. i believe tomorrow. not that i don't believe downtown san jose, there is a big spread. crockett is in there as well at .4. napa and concord one-third. san francisco, about two-tents, union city, a tenth. for the morning commute more rain than the afternoon and evening, occasional bursts of moderate, a quarter to three-quarters, wind gusts have been over 50 for
8:41 am
some, especially over a thousand feet. really warm air, mid 50s, that's wherein lies the problem, the southeast wind draws the moisture out it. it is called downsloping, there will not be a quiz. that takes the moisture. along with the system it is stretching apart all the way down to southern california. gusts to 73 miles per hour over in grapevine earlier this morning. a windy day. the snow levels don't look good. morning rain, 60s or upper 50s on the temperatures. a cloudy day. after that i wish i could say there would be more rain, we need it, but except for night and morning fog and with the weekend in view, partly cloudy skies, and rain moving toward the oregon border. 8:41. an important morning on the stanford campus after two disturbing incidents over the weekend. anonymous attacks city city hall, the hacker attack involves private information of public officials. an hour away from a
8:42 am
landmark decision on gay marriage. we'll tell you the two important decision that is will be made this morning when morning news on 2 continues. eñ
8:43 am
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8:45 am
streets of greece, protesting budget cuts. germany is calling for more cuts before they will offer greeks another bailout. greece could go into i de fault if it doesn't receive another bailout payment before next month. the prime minister is meeting with the head of the three greek parties to discuss their options. let's bring you up to date on some other top stories we're following. newark police say an off duty federal agent was shot this morning inside his home in newark. that agent was taken to a trauma center but we don't know his condition right now. police are still searching for the suspect. in the race for the white house, three states have contests today in the republican presidential campaign. colorado seasoned minnesota have caucuses, while missouri holds a nonbinding primary. and the long awaited court ruling on proposition 8 is now just more than an hour away.
8:46 am
ktvu's sarah mori aty is telling us why this is not the end of the story. >> reporter: there is a lot of anticipation in the air as both sides await the outcome of this ruling. for people who support prop 8, their legal definition of marriage would be strictly between a man and woman. for gay rights activists it could mean wedding bells. we spoke to a couple from berkeley, one of two plaintiffs who challenged proposition 8, the voter approved initiative that band same-sex marriage. they were he lated when judge von walker struck down the ban saying it was unconstitutional a year and a half ago. today they say they are confident that walker's ruling will be upheld. if it is not they vow to continue their fight. >> we are domestic partners, that is the highest level of relationship that we're able to obtain as a same sex couple. >> in california. >> separate is not equal. prop 8 is unconstitutional and it is
8:47 am
holding a group of people outside of the government benefit, out of a group that we want to belong to. >> reporter: now, this morning the court will also rule on a possible conflict of interest by the then presiding judge von walk her later revealed that he had been in a same sex relationship for years. gay marriage opponents said he should have stepped aside. regardless of the ruling, either side can appeal and this is a case that could land in the u.s. supreme court. that decision should be coming down at 10:00 this morning. we will have reaction on our news at noon. we are live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. reminder the proposition 8 decision is due at 10:00 a.m. this morning. stay right here with ktvu channel 2 for continuing coverage. we will bring you that ruling when it come down. it is 8:47. another hack attack by a well known group. this time the target is oakland
8:48 am
city leaders. ktvu's pam cook is in the newsroom with the details and reaction from the mayor's office. >> reporter: oakland city leaders are the latest victims of the online group anonymous. now, i just spoke to someone in the mayor's office their response is hey, this information is already public. it's something that you can access if you want to. here's what happened: this morning a link was posted on the hacker group's website. it contains the personal information, including home addresses, previous addresses, birth dates, phone numbers, of oakland city officials including the mayor, city supervisor and city council members. now what i personally thought was alarming that their children's names were also mentioned, even if they have different last names, but again the mayor's office tells me these are adult children, not young children. now, the reason the information was released a message on the hacker website says it is in response to the recent treatment of occupy protesters. the group says it is quote disgusted and shocked by the behavior of city leaders and that they should think
8:49 am
twice before acting out again. now, what's interesting is councilmember rebecca capellan's personal information is not included. the message by her name reads quote thank you for your support and being a true leader in the community. now, the mayor's office says really what this all does is 'cause a lot of commotion not only in oakland but that the city office also now get calls from around the world because of the interest in the occupy movement and the mayor's office says now no one will be able to get their actual job done, which is running the city of oakland. reporting live in the newsroom, pam cook, let's go back to the studio. thank you, pam. it is 8:49. disturbing details are emerge become a seattle area man who authorities say deliberately blue up his house, killing himself and his two young sons. investigators found cans of gasoline and a hatchet inside josh powell's burned out house. the medical examiner's office says smoke inhalation is the main cause of death for
8:50 am
powell's two sons but they also say the boys had hatchet wounds on their bodies. powell was also a person of interest in the 2009 disappearance of his wife. our time is 8:49. a warning for stanford students this morning after two women were attacked on campus. stanford police say a female student was walking through the kennedy grove area about 1:45 a.m. sunday when she was tackled. a passer by saw the attack and started screaming. that scared off the man. 15 minutes later a man walked into an unlocked dorm room and climb food a sleeping woman's bed. she woke up and got away. now, students say it's a reminder they have got to be vigilant. >> it definitely brought the message home for me that we need to make a -- be more cautious about what doors we leave open on the ground floor and locking our doors at night. >> police have investigating to see whether those two attacks are related. they are also urging students walk in pairs,
8:51 am
carry a cell phone and travel in well lit areas. it is ten minutes before 9:00. russia's foreign minister is in syria with talks with the 'em battled president assad. the meet something days after russia and china vetoed a u.n. resolution calling on mr. assad to end his crackdown on opposition forces. meanwhile, the u.s. embassy is in the country is now closed. the u.s. ambassador to the country and 17 other u.s. officials have left syria and are now on their way back home. president obama says it is time for mr. assad to go. >> whether that is going to happen soon or whether it is going to take another couple months or so, ultimately the regime of assad has to fall but it could take a very long time before that happens. >> opposition forces in syria says the assad regime has killed thousands in the last year. iran's foreign ministry is dismissing the new u.s.
8:52 am
sanctions on iran calling them propaganda. president obama issued an executive order yesterday imposing new sanctions on iran's central bank in an effort to encourage the country to abandon it's nuclear program. but a spokesman for iran's foreign ministry says the financial institution has no financial transactions with the u.s. iran's says it's nuclear program is for peaceful purposes not weapons. our time is 8:52 on a lighter note, banana sam is back and returning to his exhibit. at the end of december the well known squirrel monkey you see him was stolen from his enclosure at the san francisco zoo. zoo keepers say someone climbed on to the roof of the exhibit, cut some holes in the mesh wire, and stole him. the next day a man returned banana sam saying he found him in stern grove. banana sam will be back on display on saturday. oh shake up at the top of
8:53 am
the susan g. komen foundation. the executive who is stepping down following the planned parenthood funding controversy. plus, we're looking live in new york, it's happening right now, the giant celebration for the super bowl champions, the new york giants. you can see it happening live. we'll keep you posted. introducing the new flip & fresh from air wick with 100% fragrance oil. it's something new to brighten your home with two scent levels to choose from for when you want something light or something more.
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welcome back. our time is 8:55. well, a top executive
8:56 am
with the susan g. komen breast cancer charity resigned this morning saying that she supported and continues to support komen's decision to cutoff funding to planned parenthood. karen handle resigned as vice president for public policy. komen announced last week it had excluded planned parenthood for future grants for breast cancer screenings because it was under government investigation. but after loud public protest, the charity reversed that decision. 8:56. happening now the new york giants celebrating their latest super bowl tight we will a ticker tape parade. as many as a million people are lining the canyon of heroes on broadway where the city has honored stars for almost a century. today they're celebrating the giants' second super bowl win in four years. the parade will be followed by a ceremony at city hall where the mayor will present the team the keys to the city. speaking of winners, it is ticket tuesday, today's winners will check out monster gamester
8:57 am
oakland coliseum. three lucky winners win four tickets, to the auto park's monster jam on saturday february 25th for 1 night only. the world's best monster trucks bat tell out in speed, racing and destruction. for your chance to win go to, do it before midnight. put in the secret word, mayhem. >> wow, we love the commercial. >> sunday, sunday, sunday. >> let's check in with sal and how are things going on 880 and oakland? >> it's slow out there. you can see from the live picture, 880 is slow as you pass the coliseum. also, at the bay bridge toll plaza, a large delay, 20 minutes before making it into san francisco. it's been windy in san francisco, although dried off. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. cloudy, windy conditions, light rain from san jose up to the east bay and north bay. the peninsula is saying what's going on? where is our rain?
8:58 am
>> there will be some but it is lifting north. it will decrease during the early morning hours. after today it is back to dry again. a busy morning. >> it was. >> that's our report for this morning, we thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> join ktvu at noon for two big stories the federal agent shot this morning and the ruling on proposition 8. we will have that at 10:00. thank you for joining us. whatcha lookin' for hon? ah, these new jeans i want. i've been looking everywhere. new blue jeans? oh, don't be crazy, i've got tons of blue jeans. frank! frank! get my jean bin, susie wants my jeans. no she doesn't. here we go. nice and loose. ohhh. those are loose, ooooohhhh. oh.
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